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Dr. Smushkin's Gym on Ice

"Gym on Ice" involves the use of on-ice machinery to develop balance, flexibility, strength and endurance.

"GYM ON ICE" is the unique invention of Dr. Yasha Smushkin. "Gym on Ice" offers comprehensive iso kinetic training for discovering a child's potential talent through consistent development of his/her body-skates-stick system.

Dr. Smushkin's first encounter with athletic machinery was very early in his career, when he trained and competed in gymnastics in the former Soviet Union. As a former gymnast (junior champion of Moscow), he could appreciate the magnitude of the forces that an external apparatus can exert on an athlete's body.

Through his research, the search for maximum efficiency of on-ice training came to a successful conclusion and "Gym on Ice" established itself as the leading method of developing elite hockey agility.

"Gym on Ice" consist of 3 pieces of equipment: the carousel, spring boards and parallel bars. Each training apparatus builds up a specific dimension of the player's body. Working with all on-Ice mechanical apparatus the player also improve his dexterity, since all "Gym on Ice" exercises can be done with the stick and with the puck.

The Carousel creates centrifugal forces that a player must resist and as a result builds up superior balance and edge control. Secondary benefits of the carousel include body stretching, the development of coordination, rhythmical skating and an ability to use the upper body for additional acceleration.

The Springboard develops advanced body coordination, equilibrium, balance and muscular control. As the player impacts the springboard and takes off into the air, he is using the explosive quality of his muscles. On the landing, in order to maintain balance he must lock his muscles using his strength.

The Parallel Bars develop flexibility, muscular elasticity, body strength, edge control, body endurance, coordination, and balance. As the player skates under the bars, he learns to stay closer to the ice and thus acquires a proper hockey posture.

Working with all 3 pieces of equipment, the player also improves his dexterity, since all "Gym on Ice" exercises can be done with the stick.

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