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For Parents


| Introduction |


| Chapter 1 |

Dear Parents:

I created, built, and operate my own training centre in Barrie, Ontario called Shoot the Puck Hockey Training Centre (STP). I train young hockey players all year-round to improve their performance in Minor Hockey, and to help them move on to play Junior or University Hockey.

I opened my training centre in 2008 and have spent more than two years becoming a Certified Instructor of Dr. Yasha Smushkin's training system. I was a student of Dr. Smushkin when I was younger and he is the only instructor who has a clearly defined system for development. It starts with the body-skates system (skater), then moves to the body-skates-stick system (hockey skater), and finally to the body-skates-stick-puck system (hockey player).

Dr. Smushkin started his Elite Hockey Agility School in 1973 and over the years has developed hundreds of players who have gone on to play professional hockey. His hockey skills and physical abilities development are designed to teach and challenge player's mind, spirit and body to prepare them to "play not for fan", but "perform for fame". Over the past 39 years a tremendous amount of time has been dedicated to researching and studying every aspect of the young human body in live evolution in sport competition. As result he developed revolutionary techniques that teach players to be unstoppable, untouchable, ahead of the action, to slowdown speed of the game.

My training with Dr. Smushkin included 140 hours of on ice work at his camps to learn his teaching methods, a series of personalized lectures, and the reading of his three books, "From Zero to Hockey Hero", "Hockey Agility", and "Mastering Hockey Agility".

This "Message to Parents" section is taken from his first book "From Zero to Hockey Hero," which he wrote as a guide for parent to help them avoid being misled in Kids' Hockey. Some of the topics covered include the definition of fun as it relates to your child and hockey, individual skills versus teamwork skills, the educational partnership between teacher, coach, and parent, and some of the components of skating and how it relates to the bodies system of levers. As Doctor will tell you, there are only two things in hockey: "innocent children and naïve parents".

In North America, there is no official national compulsory program for individual skills development. A license is not required to open a private hockey school or to be a hockey skills teacher (a number of hockey instructors in the greater Toronto area are also former students of Dr. Smushkin, but lack his official certification).

In a marketing driven society, don't be mislead by flashy pamphlets and catch phrases. The evolution and complexity of youth hockey development can be very confusing for most parents. It is important that the hockey development decisions you make for your child are based on the quality of the program. This can only be assured with the certified instructional leadership provided at STP hockey.

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